You have the choice of all types of accommodation in Manchester but we strongly recommend that you choose to stay with one of our carefully selected host families. We will be happy to arrange your family accommodation for which we charge a fee of £75.

The cost of accommodation in the City Centre can be quite expensive and it is advisable that you find accommodation in one of the residential suburbs of the City.

A guide to the cost of various types of accommodation is as follows:

Host Family
Our host families are carefully selected to ensure that the comfort and safety of our students is not compromised.
All host families are located in residential areas in the outskirts of the City Centre with good bus, tram or train links to the City Centre with an average travelling time of about 30 minutes.
Staying with a host family will not only help to accelerate your rate of progress as you will only be able to communicate in English but will also give you the opportunity to experience the English way of life, home cooking and social habits.
All our host families have access to the internet plus facilities for doing your washing and ironing.
You will have your own bedroom where you can rest and do your homework.
The weekly cost of staying with a host family is between £ 95 and £110 and this price includes breakfast and evening meals 7 days per week. Some hosts also provide lunch at weekends.
Many of our hosts will take you out to social or sporting events.
Quite often there will be students of various nationalities staying in the house.

House/Flat Rental
It is possible to rent a furnished house or flat at a cost of between £350 and £900 per month.
In addition to this rental cost you would often also have to pay for the following services:
Council Tax - a minimum of £80 per month
Water Rates - a minimum of £ 30 per month
Electricity & Gas - a minimum of £50 per month
Of course your personal costs such as food, drink, laundry, transport, books...etc will be additional.
The Landlord (Owner) of the house may also ask for a bond (deposit) which is normally equal to one month's rent, to cover repairs to any damage caused to the house or furnishings. This bond is refundable at the end of your tenancy subject to any deductions.

Flat/House Share
A number of students prefer to share a house or a flat (which is usually one room in a large house) with another student.
In some cases, the kitchen and laundry room is shared with the tenants of other flats within the building.
The monthly cost of this can be between £250 and £390 in addition to which you must add your share of the cost of food, electricity, gas, water rates and Council Tax.

If your accommodation is not arranged prior to your arrival you may need a short stay in a hotel or a hostel. The costs can vary from £40 per night to well over £100 per night. Payment is usually accepted in cash or by Credit Card.

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